Passion is the driving force behind of our work. Tradition, the flavour of our cuisine. Located just outside the centre of the town Maranello, a few gentle curves down the road, Ristorante 36 offers a view overlooking a picturesque hilly landscape. Once inside, the warmth of the atmosphere is inspired by the traditional Emilian cuisine, while the abundant Ferrari memorabilia pays homage to the history of the renowned automotive house.

Leafing through the menu, one can imagine the dishes made at home in the owners’ (the Neri family) kitchen. Every single ingredient is the result of careful research to find small local producers and the desire  to bring something new to  our traditional recipes without overlooking the teachings handed down by our grandmothers. It is ambitious but worth aiming for.

To accompany pre-dinner drinks or as a delicious starter to your dinner, let yourself be tempted by our selection of cold cuts and cheeses, which you will find displayed at the charcuterie counter.


“The most important thing I learned from my father – and which  I have handed down, in turn, to my daughters – was that you should put all the passion and dedication possible into your work, every day, seeing your successes not as final achievements but as starting points for new challenges.

Giuseppe Neri

With that spirit and the desire to continue what he started, Ristorante 36 is not just an achievement, but also the beginning of a new challenge. 36 years have now passed since our father, Giuseppe Neri, shook hands with Enzo Ferrari, sealing a deal that would allow him to become the “driver” of the Cavallino restaurant. This pact of trust, friendship, and deep mutual esteem, laid the foundations for everything that came after. From then on, like every family that gets together for Sunday lunch, we would gather with other fans to share the flavours of our cuisine and the excitement of a Grand Prix. It was always Sunday at the Cavallino!

With Ristorante 36,  we want to create something new but without leaving behind our history, traditions, and affection so that we can keep on enjoying absolutely everything our area has to offer.