Parmesan cheese flan with crunchy spinach and Modena balsamic vinegar

Calzagatti pan-fried beans and polenta with ricotta creamy, green sauce 

and Tropea onions with balsamic vinegar

Potatoes “Rosty” with rocket and flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano

Egg cooked at a low temperature, scamorza cheese sauce, parsley oil,

chard with garlic, oil and chilli

Beef tartare with pickled vegetables, fish roe and seasonal vegetables

Roasted cotechino, lentil cream, burnt onion and lemon gel


Passatelli in capon broth or dry with cheese and pepper

Tagliatella noodles with modenese ragù

Tortellini  Regnani delicatessen in broth or in Parmigiano Reggiano 

cheese cream

Tortelloni pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach, bacon and balsamic vinegar

Pasta and beans with puffed parmesan, fresh parsley and toasted garlic bread


Terrine of cabbage  and artichokes with friccasea sauce

36 Cutlet with raw ham and parmesan

Veal ossobuco with taragna polenta and gremolada

Pork cheek with lambrusco wine, with mashed potatoes   

Marinated pork chops, with grilled vegetables

Beef fillet and butter potatoes with thyme  and garlic


Local cured meat tasting platter with fried gnocco and tigella flatbreads, 

pesto montanaro pork and herb spread, stracchino cheese  and parmesan

Local cured meat tasting platter     

Gold quality 24-month aged cured ham platter from 

Prosciutteria Bacio del Cimone in Lama Mocogno

“Mortadella Favola Gran Riserva” ham platter without pistachios 

from Salumificio Palmieri

Tigella flatbreads – 6 pieces

Fried gnocco – 5 pieces

side dishes

Mixed seasonal salad  

Baked potatoes     

Mashed potatoes

Spinach with garlic and chili pepper



Crostata pie with sour black cherry jam      

Pear  cooked in white wine with bitter cocoa crumble and salted caramel

Espresso Tiramisù

Zuppa Inglese

Tenerina chocolate cake with siphon eggnog